Press Office – Visual Identity – Storytelling – Digital Marketing

CC – Communicating Causes is Ser Mudança’s consulting service designed to help businesses, institutions, and local authorities effectively communicate the social action projects they promote or fund. Increase the transformative power of your social project by disseminating it.

A multidisciplinary team, including designers, former journalism professionals with extensive experience in communication in the third sector, press officers, and internationally accredited digital marketing professionals, work closely with our partners to plan a comprehensive strategy for press and social media, visual identity creation, production and distribution of written and audiovisual content, press advisory, storytelling, SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEA (Search Engine Advertising), and media training sessions for technicians and employees of companies and institutions.

A portion of the revenue from CC is allocated to ensuring the independence and sustainability of the Ser Mudança Association and will be used for social projects and the production of campaigns against social stigmas. Hiring CC consulting services is a way to support and help Ser Mudança grow. For more information, please contact: