Empathy Training Workshops For Adults


You can test your organization’s level of empathy with this simple experiment: when you join a group, share a simple piece of information, such as the age of your oldest child, how poorly you slept last night, or the amount of traffic you encountered on your way to work. Pay attention to people’s reactions. Most likely, everyone will respond by sharing the age of their own oldest child, downplay your lack of sleep because everyone had a worse night, and as for the traffic, you were lucky because everyone else had a longer commute. Nobody is truly listening to each other, and without active listening, there can be no communication or empathy. The solution is to train empathy and start enjoying all the benefits it brings to your organization.

Empathy is the practice of putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. In other words, having empathy means trying to understand what the other person is saying, thinking, or feeling from their point of view, without judging them. Empathy is about listening, “walking a mile in someone else’s shoes,” as the saying goes. However, we don’t always manage to set aside our own emotions and beliefs to understand those of others. It takes daily practice to increase empathy, and it’s a daily exercise that greatly benefits the health of those who practice it.
Training empathy reduces stress and conflicts by decreasing tension, arguments, and intolerance in the workplace. It enhances teamwork, improves productivity as people tend to work together and stay focused on goals. It increases partner satisfaction because an empathetic atmosphere is felt in every external contact. It enhances the organization’s image and ultimately contributes to increased employee happiness.
These benefits are just a click away. Send us an email at geral@sermudanca.pt, and discover which type of empathy training workshop for adults is best suited for your organization. Created based on participatory techniques of dramatic expression, these workshops show that serious matters can be resolved through play.
The proceeds from the “No Lugar do Outro” workshops are intended to finance Ser Mudança’s social projects.