“Nturudu – Um Carnaval Sem Máscara” is a vibrant film, full of rhythm, color, and traditions, showcasing how Guinea-Bissau has used Nturudu as a tool to reclaim its national identity. The “Nturudu – Um Carnaval Sem Máscara” project also includes a large-scale photography exhibition held at Ilhéu do Rei in Bissau and the publication of a book.
Winner of several international awards for documentary filmmaking, “Nturudu – Um Carnaval Sem Máscara” follows the preparation for the national parade in Guinea-Bissau. It captures a magical encounter that reflects the diverse cultural expressions of each ethnic group, which emerged spontaneously after over 500 years under Portuguese colonial rule, following the country’s independence. More than just a film, it is an adventure experienced by former journalist and screenwriter Roger Mor, producer Maria Manuel Andrade, and photographer Arlindo Camacho – three individuals captivated by the richness and grandeur of Nturudu, who decided to showcase one of the most ethnically diverse carnivals in the world. It is an emotional and thought-provoking film that reveals a country that unveils its proud ancestral roots by taking off its mask on Carnival day.
(Note: The last sentence is a figurative expression, as Carnival is traditionally associated with unmasking and revelry.)

Prémios e Seleções

  • 9th Noida International Film Festival 2022 (Índia) – Prémio de Melhor Documentário
  • 6th Indian World Film Festival 2022 – Prémio de Melhor Documentário
  • Doc Luanda – Festival Internacional de Cinema Documental (Angola) – Selecionado para secção não-competitiva
  • TAFF – The African Film Festival 2022 (Dallas – EUA) – Prémio de Melhor Documentário
  • Near Nazareth Festival (Israel) – Prémio de Melhor Longa Metragem
  • 11th Bangalore Shorts Film Festival 2022 (Índia) – Prémio de Melhor Documentário
  • Avanca Film Festival 2022 (Portugal) – Prémio de Melhor Documentário para televisão
  • 10th International Documentary Festival of Ierapetra Awards 2023 (Grécia) – Seleção Oficial
  • VALEIFF – Valencia Indie Film Festival 2023  (Espanha) – Seleção Oficial

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